Amgen B.V.

Last updated: 01.06.2015

Address: Minervum 7061
Postbus 3345
4800 DH BREDA,Netherlands

Tel: 076-5732500


Company description

Progress makes the world go around, because standstill leads to stagnation. Studies to combat kidney disease, cancer and rheumatism are also continually progressing, albeit very gradually. New medications keep offering new possibilities and new opportunities. Amgen strives to lead the field in improving the quality of life for patients with life-threatening and chronic diseases. Amgen’s mission is clear: “We aspire to be the best human therapeutics company. We will live the Amgen Values and use science and innovation to dramatically improve people’s lives.”

Amgen was founded in 1980 and has developed into a world leader in the area of biotechnology. As a result of innovative, scientific studies, Amgen has achieved revolutionary results in oncology, haematology, nephrology and rheumatology. All these specialties can produce new medications that may have great consequences for humanity’s welfare. Amgen is fully aware of the social aspects of biotechnology research during this process, which is why we actively engage in discussions with patients, doctors, pharmacists and other groups working in healthcare. Amgen also believes it is important to conduct business in a socially responsible manner, which is why we maintain relationships with groups outside the healthcare industry. We would like you to consider this website as a contribution to that discussion.

Amgen commenced operations in Europe in 1989. The Dutch office, Amgen B.V., was opened that same year in Breda. Amgen B.V.’s key activities are in clinical research, marketing and sales. Approximately 75 staff members work at Amgen B.V., at the departments of Marketing & Sales, Clinical Research, Medical Information, Finance, Corporate Affairs and Regulatory Affairs.

Amgen has marketed various key breakthrough products including Aranesp, Neulasta, Neupogen, Mimpara en Nplate all of which have made a vital contribution to patients’ welfare. Amgen’s future aims will also remain centred on finding innovative solutions for patients. This is why Amgen continues to develop new products for syndromes where treatment options are insufficient.

Products and services

Approximately 75 employees are working for Amgen B.V., spread over medical, commercial and other specialist and support functions. We combine in our departments the functional expertise with medical specialists for the therapeutic areas oncology-haematology and nephrology. Local and international teams collaborate on a daily basis, to ensure that Amgen’s products can be registered for use in the Netherlands and are eligible for reimbursement by health insurers.

The medical department is our centre of expertise in medical information about e.g. diseases, our products and product safety. The clinical development team is focussed on collating research data about the efficacy, safety and optimal dosing of medicaments. In collaboration with Dutch hospitals our employees manage studies on registered products as well as a large number of compounds that are still in development phase.

Our marketing and sales teams ensure that our registered products are known in the market. Our Product Specialists share product information with doctors and medical experts, so these doctors can use our products in the care and treatment of their patients.

It is evident that professionalism of our employees is crucial. Therefore the commercial and medical departments interact closely with our own Amgen team of experts on training, Customer Relations Management, business planning, finance and in-/external communication.



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