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Last updated: 22.12.2014

Astellas logoAstellas Pharma Korea, Inc. is the Korean subsidiary of a leading global pharmaceutical company with outstanding R&D capabilities and a worldwide network.

Astellas has contributed to increasing the quality of life of customers by developing drugs to treat adult diseases and disorders such as urination disturbances common in men, frequent urination commonly in women, overactive bladder syndrome that causes frequent bathroom trips, as well as painful atopic dermatitis. The company also developed Gaster D, a gastroduodenal ulcer treatment drug, which has helped decrease the frequency of gastric ulcer surgery, and Prograf, and immunosuppression agent, which has improved the survival rate of organ transplant recipients.

Astellas Pharma Korea has been growing as a firm, taking pride in its contributions to customer quality of life, and provision of premium medicines in Korea, including Harnal, Vesicare, Prograf, and Protopic Ointment. It also a promising company in the mid-to-long term with many superb products awaiting further development, clinical testing, and launch. Astellas Pharma Korea does not aim to merely expand sales volume, but will continuously increase company value with the goal of maximizing added value for customers and thoseseeking better health, by establishing its Global Category Leader business model.


Contact details
6F 401 Hakdong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
+82 2 3448 0504



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