Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Life Sciences Park Oss
Molenweg 50
5349 AC Oss
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0) 412 637 937


Company description

BioConnection is one of the first European companies to provide both production facilities and expertise for small biopharmaceutical companies. Through BioConnection access is provided to the production of small-scale clinical batches, filling and freeze-drying equipment as well as large-scale commercial production facilities.

Thanks to an established network of skilled suppliers, expertise in the field of development and production for both active biopharmaceutical ingredients and biopharmaceutical end-products is widely available. With, amongst others, Merck&Co in Oss, the Netherlands (former Organon) as active network company, BioConnection can rely on at least 85 years of experience. But our network also reaches further than Oss. BioConnection can ensure, together with our business partners, that we can provide you with a solution to your development or manufacturing needs.

This formula has proven to be a welcome opportunity for companies unable to afford these facilities themselves. Besides, many young biopharmaceutical companies are apparently more focused on their research rather than the development side of their business. And they also quite often lack the experience of a complete clinical development process. Parties that have interest in early-launch or commercial product manufacturing can also be served by BioConnection. Our expertise and vast experience are your guarantee for a fast and reliable product delivery. Via our network we can provide you with more products like ampoules, blow-fill seal packs and prefilled syringes.

BioConnection is an independent intermediate and a one stop shop, meaning that customers don’t have to shop around elsewhere.

BioConnection has so far run a wealth of production batches with formulations ranging from simple liquid fill-and-finish up to complex biopharmaceutical freeze-dried products as proteins, peptides and antibodies.

Products and services

BioConnection offers a broad range of support services for all stages and aspects of biopharmaceuticals (CMC) development ranging from formulation development, process development, anaytical development, stability studies, scale-up and packaging of final products to support clinical trials and commercial activities.

BioConnection can offer you our product development services as separate building blocks or as a complete package (one-stop-shop)



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