British Generic Manufacturers Association (BGMA)

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: The Registry, Royal Mint Court, London EC3N 4QN, United Kingdom ,United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 7457 2018


Company description

The British Generic Manufacturers Association (BGMA) represents the interests of UK-based manufacturers and suppliers of generic medicines and promotes the development and understanding of the generic medicines industry in the United Kingdom.

The BGMA is made up of about 20 members of the generic manufacturing industry, who between them account for more than 85% of the UK generic market by volume. Generic medicines competition saves the NHS £7bn per annum.

The BGMA represent the views and interests of its members to the UK government, the devolved administrations, regulators, other relevant third parties, including where appropriate the Institutions of the European Union and the media.

Products and services

The BGMA has the following aims and objectives:

x To ensure that the UK distribution mechanisms and NHS reimbursement scheme for community pharmacy is as attractive to Generic medicines as possible
x To promote generic competition by removing barriers to the market and by fostering more positive market conditions


x Committed to working with the Department of Health and other stakeholders to continue exerting downward pressure on the NHS drugs bill whilst maintaining the sustainability of the industry
x Committed to providing high quality medicines to the NHS at affordable prices
x Believes that cost effective prescribing using generics should be the norm for the NHS: deviation form this should be based solely on clinical considerations
x Working to present products to patients in the most informative and supportive way
x Counter evergreening both generally and with respect to specific initiatives or product strategies undertaken by the originator



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