Department of Tourism (DOT)

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: T.M. Kalaw Street, Rizal Park, 1000 Manila,Philippines

Tel: +632 523-8411


Company description

The Department of Tourism (DOT) is the primary government agency charged with the responsibility to encourage, promote, and develop tourism as a major socio-economic activity to generate foreign currency and employment and to spread the benefits of tourism to both the private and public sector.

Products and services

More than just being a tropical paradise, the Philippines is the heart of global healthcare. It’s the home of world-class doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who are naturally warm, friendly, caring and compassionate. You’ll receive high-quality healthcare and treatment at a fraction of the amount that you would have spent on the same service in the US, Europe or Canada.

From simple dental and cosmetic procedures to complex specialty areas such as oncology, cardiology and stem cell therapy, from rejuvenating spa treatments to long-term healthcare and retirement, the Philippines offers a wide range of high-quality services at a cost 50% to 80% lower compared to those in the US and Europe. Filipino doctors have received the best medical education from established universities and colleges in the world. They have undergone rigid and extensive specialty and subspecialty training, and have been duly certified in the Philippines and the world. Combining knowledge, experience and dedication, they care about your health and wellness, first and foremost.

Topnotch hospitals and medical centers in the Philippines offer state-of-the-art diagnostic, therapeutic and intensive care facilities. Two tertiary hospitals have been accredited by the Joint Commission International, while others have been certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). In fact, tertiary hospitals and medical centers in the Philippines geared towards medical tourism are better-equipped than most hospitals in the US, Canada or Europe. Your wait time is also significantly shorter, making your experience completely convenient and hassle-free.

Care continues even after you’ve returned to your home country, through partnerships forged between the Philippines’ top hospitals with medical facilities and institutions overseas, especially in the United States.

After your treatment, you can complete the healing and wellness process by enjoying different sights and attractions in the Philippines, a tropical paradise made up of 7,107 islands. Blessed with a warm and pleasant tropical weather, the Philippines has some of the best beaches and diving spots in the world. It’s also home to a wide diversity of flora and fauna, a sanctuary of nature’s splendor. Malls and entertainment centers abound in Manila and other key cities. There are different shops, restaurants and theaters to cater to your every whim and desire. Indeed, your opportunities for recreation and adventure are boundless in the Philippines.



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