Last updated: 13.02.2015

Logo EriochemEstablished by the end of 2000, ERIOCHEM is an Argentine pharmaceutical company which specializes in the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients, in the manufacturing of finished pharmaceutical products and the development of added value generics or supergenerics.

Their highly qualified R&D team its devoted to the development of manufacturing processes of sustained release products, the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients, and oncological generics and supergenerics development. Focused on pharmaceutical “sustained release products” based on biodegradable polymers and innovative high tech processes for the production of micro-spheres, ERIOCHEM uses its own techniques in the manufacturing processes of these products.

Contact info:

Mailing Address
Ruta 12 Km 452
3107 Colonia Avellaneda
Entre Ríos

Tel: +54 343 4979125
Fax: ++54 343 4979136




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