Farmindustria & Laboratorio Volta

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Camino A Melipilla Nº 7073 – Cerrillos, Santiago,Chile

Tel: +56 2 483 1600


Company description

Farmindustria originated in 1998 when Volta Laboratory acquired a production plant belonging to Schering Plough. The manufacturing plant was one of the most technologically-advanced installations in the Chilean pharmaceutical industry and Latin America. The company today has become the leading pharmaceutical contract manufacturer in the country with GMP certification since 2004. Given that they do not have their own product, they describe themselves as a company that specializes in the development, production, packaging, quality control, storage and distribution of products in the national pharmaceutical market.

The company has a pharmaceutical plant with 21,000 m2 of land and more than 6,500 m2 of constructed area. The plant produces more than 18,000,000 units per year, equivalent to over 40% of the total contract manufacturing market in Chile in terms of units. Its installations employ more than 200 people, including more than 30 highly qualified professionals and technicians.

Farmaindustria currently has more than 30 transnational and national laboratories as customers. They include Pfizer, Sanofi-Aventis, Recalcine Medipharm, Medcell, Laboratorios Chile, Galderma, Tecnofarma, Royalpharma, Andromaco, PharmaInvesti, Volta, Prater and Fasa. It also manufactures directly to overseas laboratories and national laboratories who export some of their products directly to their subsidiaries.

As part of its long-term strategy, Farmindustria invests heavily in increasing its production capacity so as to always remain competitive and current. It has developed strategic alliances with several universities and research centers in Chile and abroad in order to be able to produce biotech drugs.

Products and services

development, production, packaging, quality control, storage and distribution



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