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Address: Mirae Asset Tower 28/F, Unit A-B No. 166 Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong Shanghai, China 200120,China

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Finnegan has more than 40 years of experience in successfully navigating U.S. IP law. Finnegan works with clients of all sizes, from virtually every industry and technology to identify, protect, advocate, and leverage their most valuable IP assets. Finnegan guides U.S. organizations as well as multinational entities that wish to conduct business in the U.S. Foreign innovators entering the U.S. market are often surprised at the intricacies of the intellectual property legal system. Patent law is becoming increasingly complex, with regulatory and legislative changes having a dramatic impact on companies’ intellectual property and business strategies. Finnegan views this complexity as an opportunity to think creatively. Finnegan’s full range of IP experience—from idea protection and management to litigation and appeals—gives the company the perspective to anticipate potential issues and devise creative solutions.

Asia boasts some of the world’s most sophisticated markets and fastest growing economies. Innovative corporations and organizations across Asia turn to Finnegan to identify, protect, advocate, and leverage their most valuable IP assets. To meet the needs of Finnegan’s Asian clients conducting business in their headquarter countries or in the United States, Finnegan has established offices in Shanghai, Taipei, and Tokyo. The firm also has strong ties to the IP legal communities in Korea and India, and our attorneys regularly travel to these countries to speak at conferences and meet with clients.

Finnegan’s licensed Foreign Representative Office in China is located in the Pudong area of Shanghai, and Finnegan’s attorneys are able to serve clients anywhere in the greater China region. As Chinese companies continue to expand their markets, Finnegan is on the ground to assist them with their U.S. IP strategies and needs.

Finnegan is proud to have been active and involved in the Chinese community for many years. We have over 30 professionals who speak Chinese, many with degrees from Chinese universities. Our local outreach efforts have included seminars, educational programs, and roundtable discussions for both business groups and universities. We are particularly active in U.S. IP licensing matters in China.

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