Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Av. Presidente Juscelino Kubitscheck, 1.830, Torre 3, 5º andar, Itaim Bibi, CEP.: 04543-900 – São Paulo – SP,Brazil

Tel: 0800 77 17017

Web: http://www.hypermarcas.com.br/

Company description

Hypermarcas is one of the largest consumer goods companies funded by Brazilian capital and has the largest and most diversified portfolio of brands, including a number of leading brands in their respective markets. Hypermarcas operates in four market segments, developing, manufacturing and distributing products that belong to a traditional and well-established portfolio of brands.

Hypermarcas has a sales and distribution system that covers all regions in Brazil through food retail, and pharmaceutical distribution channels. Each one of the company’s lines of business has a dedicated and specialized sales team, supported by a robust network of promoters, as well as sales representatives who visit medical practices for sales of medicines.

Hypermarcas currently operate 19 plants in nine industrial complexes located in the states of Goiás, Santa Catarina and São Paulo. Hypermarcas’ portfolio of brands and products has an established consumer demand and historically has provided the company with a consistent revenue stream.

Hypermarcas has a professional management team and controlling shareholders with broad experience and know-how in the consumer goods industry. The company has experience in identifying, acquiring, and integrating new businesses in this sector into the Company, as well as executing growth and marketing strategies, factors which have allowed Hypermarcas to increase its portfolio of brands and products. Hypermarcas’ growth strategy is defined by a combination of organic growth with acquisitions, having 28 acquisitions been completed since operations started, aiming at expanding the portfolio of brands and products.

Products and services

Pharmaceutical; over-the-counter medications (OTC), prescribed medications (Rx) and generics – Benegrip, Engov, Rinossoro, Doril, Tamarine, Atroveran; Beauty and Personal Care: Monange, Paixão, Risqué, Bozzano, Jontex, Olla, Cenoura & Bronze; Food Products: Finn, Zero Cal, Salsaretti; Home Care Products: Assolan, Mat Inset.



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