IMS Health Australia

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Suite 406, Kew Junction Tower, 89 High Street Kew, Vic 3101,Australia

Tel: +61 3 9455 1444


Company description

With offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, IMS Health Australia is a trusted partner delivering solutions to local pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

IMS Health Australia captures information from a wide range of sources including pharmacies, hospitals, pharmaceutical wholesales, healthcare professionals, software suppliers and the pharmaceutical industry. This information is combined to give a complete picture of the market and is critical in business decisions such as assessing the impact of product launches or identifying new uses for existing therapies.

IMS Health Australia provides crucial insight into the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare manufacturers, distributors, government and healthcare agencies, academic institutions and research organizations. This information enables the development of medical education and information programs, rationale of the cost-effectiveness of drug therapies and evaluation of patient health outcomes in health policy decisions. This information is critical to both IMS Health Australia’s customers and supply partners and provides a clearer picture of the healthcare landscape.

IMS Health Australia is committed to servicing the information needs of the healthcare sector. IMS Health Australia offers a continuum of capabilities from information to analytics to consulting. With over 50 years experience and offices in more than 100 countries, IMS Health Australia is the leading source of global information for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

Products and services

Analytics, Research and development, Generics, Consulting



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