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Kimia Farma Indonesia

Last updated: 12.07.2017

Kimia Farma is a State Owned Enterprise (SOE) with the purpose and objective to participate and support the government programs in the national development and economy sectors in general, particularly business activities in chemical, pharmaceutical, biologic, and health as well as food and drink industry by applying Good Corporate Governance principles.

1. To achieve the purpose and objective as mentioned above, the Company performs, either alone or in cooperation with third parties, the following business activities :

2. To provide, produce, process chemical, pharmaceutical, biologic, and other materials required for the production of pharmaceutical preparations, contraceptives, cosmetics, traditional medicines, health equipment, food/drink products, and other products including plantation and mining sectors associated with the production as mentioned above.

3. To produce superior products both from own-development and in cooperation with third parties.

4. To organize marketing, trade activities, and distribution of products as referred to in point 1, both from own-production and from third parties production, including general goods, either local or overseas, and other activities associated with the Company business.

5. To be engaged in service sector associated with the Company’s business activities, efforts and facilities for health maintenance and service in general including health consultation service.
Other supporting services including education, research, and development in line with the Company purpose and objective, either alone or in cooperation with third parties.


Address: Jl. Veteran No. 9 Jakarta 10110. Indonesia

Tel. (+62) 21 3847709



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