Mackay Memorial Hospital

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: 92, Section 2, Chungshan North Road, Taipei City,Taiwan

Tel: (886-2)543-3535


Company description

Mackay Memorial Hospital is presently under the jurisdiction of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan.

The hospital was established in memory of Dr. George Leslie Mackay who followed in the footsteps of his Master by coming to Taiwan with the message of salvation for all men. Even in those early days, Dr. Mackay was concerned with the total person and being able to minister to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each patient.

Products and services

Under the leadership of Dr. Wu and former Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mou Hsiang Wang, the hospital took out a loan to erect a new hospital that would meet international standards. The first stage of this new building was completed on December 26, 1980. This modern 13 story building became the new center for patient care at Mackay. A nine story addition, which houses the medical and administrative offices, was completed on August 6, 1983. Because of the inadequacy of the hospital buildings built in 1912 and 1962 to meet the needs of patients, the board decided to demolish them and begin construction of a 16-story building to expand the present facilities.

●Area: The total land area is 13386 m2, the total area of the buildings is 49,742.36 m2.

●Scale: Medical Administration Building, Patient Care Center (2-story basement, 9-story building and 13-story building)

●Number of Beds: 1091, including 95 ICU beds

●Number of Patients: an average of more than 5000 outpatients and 350 emergency room patients, daily.


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