Martindale Pharma

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Hubert Road
Essex CM14 4JY
,United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1277 266 600


Company description

After starting out as a London chemist store owned by William Martindale, Martindale Pharma has remained in business for more than a century. The company’s reputation as a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of specialty prescription pharmaceutical products for healthcare professionals, working in both Primary and Secondary Care, has grown steadily over that time. Martindale Pharma is now firmly established as a leading supplier to the UK’s NHS and exports its products to a number of other major pharmaceutical markets. Martindale Pharma has a clearly defined mission: to provide medicines to improve the quality of people’s lives.

Martindale Pharma has built strong relationships with prescribers and influencers on drug choice in its chosen business segments (see below). Working on the basis of a partnership, Martindale Pharma has also built a strong relationship with healthcare service providers such as Alliance Boots, Celesio, AAH, Lloyds, Co-Operative Pharmacies, as well as the NHS. Our operating philosophy is one of close co-operation and responsiveness to customer needs.

Products and services

Key Business Segments:

Martindale Pharma is ranked number one in market share in the opiate addiction market, driven by the success of our brand Physeptone, the UK’s leading methadone product. We work in partnership with the NHS, Community Drug Teams, third party providers of addiction services as well as retail pharmacies to ensure that drug service users receive the optimum support as they seek to move away from the use of illicit opiates.

Critical Care
Martindale Pharma manufacture and market the Aurum Range, the UK’s leading range of 11 pre-filled syringes for emergency use by resuscitation and operating theatre teams. We also manufacture and market a Caffeine product for treatment of Apnoea of Prematurity a critical care area in neonatology.

Martindale Pharma can manufacture over 30,000 products in a range of formulations. Handling around 700-800 individual orders a day for these highly personalised medicines, the majority of products are made by our dedicated team of pharmacists and technical staff. Over 90% of orders are supplied to the customer within 24 hours of ordering. Martindale Pharma is ranked number one by market share in this segment.

Martindale Pharma provides a broad range of ophthalmic products as generic, own label and third party brands. We are one of the top three companies in our chosen Ophthalmics disease segments.

Hospital Speciality Products
Martindale Pharma’s range of principally parenteral products are used in a wide range of hospital situations. We are one of the country’s leading manufacturers of sterile injection products supplying over 25 million ampoules a year.



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