Mepha-Teva Switzerland

Last updated: 22.09.2016


Teva Switzerland consists of Teva Pharma AG and, since late October 2011, Mepha Pharma AG. The company holds the leading position in the Swiss generic market and currently operates offices in Aesch and Basel. Teva Pharma and Mepha Pharma employ 150 personnel in Switzerland.

Mepha Pharma markets more than 130 branded and non-branded generics mainly sold in pharmacies, through medical doctors and drugstores. The Mepha portfolio covers more than 14 different medical indication fields. Teva Pharma provides more than 100 generics and focuses its activities mainly in the hospital business. Teva Pharma also offers a selection of innovative drugs addressing problems of the central nervous system, oncology and pain.


Kirschgartenstrasse 14, Postfach

4010 Basel

Tel. +41 (0)61 705 43 43


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