Novartis Argentina

Last updated: 01.06.2015

Address: Ramallo 1851 C.P. 1429, Buenos Aires,Argentina

Tel: +54 11 4703 7000


Company description

Formed in 1996 from two historic pharmaceutical companies, Sandoz and CIBA Vision, Novartis is a relatively young player with a lot of history. These two companies are now subsidiaries of Novartis, however, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Argentina is a separate company, which is one of the small number of multinational pharmaceutical companies to have consistently succeeded in the market, particularly in the therapeutic areas of cardiology, transplants, ophthalmology and respiratory solutions.

Last year, Novartis invested $10 million in R & D in Argentina, showing their commitment to the country. This is also shown through their heavy involvement in community education and medication programmes, helping the worst-off in Argentina get access to free medicines. Novartis has also been voted one of the best places to work in Argentina.

Products and services

Neuroscience, Opthamology, Oncology, Respitory System



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