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Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: 2-4 Lyonpark Road,MACQUARIE PARK NSW 2113,Australia

Tel: 61 (02) 9859 6900


Company description

Building valued partnerships with the medical professionals who prescribe and recommend our products is both Nycomed Australia’s greatest challenge and our greatest reward. These aspirations as well as our commitment to provide medicines that offer real promise to patients, drives us to seek innovative and efficient ways of presenting our products to the Australian market.

Through a commitment to the ethical and professional delivery of quality medical education, Nycomed Australia is continually building valued relationships with the medical community. This is achieved by the creation of focused disease state education programs, and the facilitation of knowledge sharing between thought leaders and primary care practitioners. While Nycomed Australia always strive to keep Somac® (pantoprazole) and Alvesco ® (ciclesonide) at the ‘top of the mind’ of Australian prescribers, activities are often unrelated to their products and instead focus on topics of clearly identified educational needs within the areas of Gastroenterology and Respiratory Medicine.

In addition to building relationships with individual healthcare professionals, Nycomed Australia seeks to develop productive partnerships with the peak bodies that share our therapeutic focus. For example, The Gastroenterology Society of Australia guides us in the field of gastroenterology. In the area of respiratory medicine, Nycomed Australia has developed positive relationships with both the National Asthma Council and the Australian Lung Foundation. Nycomed Australia is also excited by the prospect of pioneering new relationships with peak bodies in emerging areas of therapeutic interest.

As a member of Medicines Australia, Nycomed Australia is devoted to strengthening the pharmaceutical industry’s position as a partner in quality healthcare delivery. This is achieved through the ethical promotion of our products and our support of the Medicines Australia code of conduct. Nycomed and its people are proud of their contribution to the Australian healthcare environment and seek to ensure that their organisation acts as a trusted pharmaceutical partner.

Every day across Australia, our highly trained industry-accredited representatives bring life to our products and services. They are the face of Nycomed Australia.

Nycomed Australia’s professional team is committed to our vision to become the preferred pharmaceutical company by being responsive, reliable and by understanding customer needs.

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Gastroenterology and Respiratory Medicine



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