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Address: 378 Roan Crescent, Corporate Part North, Randjespark,South Africa

Tel: +27115429500


Company description

Pharmafrica (Pty) Ltd has been in business since 1995. It became a full member of the Litha Group in 2010 but has been in a partnership with Litha since 2006.
The company markets ethical and complimentary healthcare products to niche markets through a wholesaler and direct distribution network. Pharmafrica has a solid reputation and strong relationships within the hospital and specialist environment and are an approved GMP manufacturer.

Pharmafrica is also a member of SMASA (Self Medication Manufacturers Association of South Africa)

Key markets:

Hospitals – Private and Public
Selected Medical Specialists and GP’s
Clinics – Private and Public
Academic Institutions
Retail Pharmacy

Pharmafrica has representatives in all the major areas of South Africa and primarily target the following specialities:

Plastic Surgery
General Medical Practice

Ethical medicines:

Viscoelastic in eye surgery
Ophthalmic products
Anti-glaucoma therapy
Urinary incontinence
Topical anti-inflammatories

Complementary medicines:

Nutritive supplements
Vitamin supplements
Scar Management and stretch marks
Ageing and sun damaged skin preparations

Pharmafrica head office is located in Johannesburg and distributes from their warehouse nationally. They have a regional office in Cape Town and a total of 14 sales representatives. The company has regulatory, financial,/admin, marketing, distribution and sales resources and a total of 32 employees.

Pharmafrica represents the following companies:

Goldshield Pharmaceuticals – United Kingdom
Thornton & Ross LTD. – United Kingdom
Bio-technology General (B.T.G) – Israel
Apogepha Arzneimittel GMBH – Germany
Sankyo Pharma – Germany
Ursapharm – Germany

Products and services


Cerumol – Ear Drops for ear care
Biolon Prime – Eye care
Biolone – Eye care
Ecotrin – Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease
Stelazine – Treatment of acute and chronic psychoses
Detrunorm – Therapy for an overactive bladder
Elmetacin – Topical NSAIDS
Dyazide – Treatment of fluid retention (edema) and high blood pressure (hypertension).
Diamox- Treatment for Glaucoma
Parnate – Antidepressant
Kamillosan – Baby care ointment
Oculet – Eye care
DS-24 – Nutritional supplement
Trimega – Omega Nutritional supplement
Dermastine Range – Skin and Scar Care
Flexeze Capsules and Gel – Therapy for Arthritis


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