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PrIME Biologics Singapore

Last updated: 07.11.2016


PrIME Biologics (PrIME) is a Singapore based company commissioning a plasma fractionation facility in Singapore to address the US$1b Asian Therapeutic Plasma products market. PrIME is using the PrIME Technology in association with GE Healthcare based Chromatography in a process called PrIME +.

Currently much of the plasma collected in Asia and other parts of the world is underutilised. If this plasma could be used to manufacture therapeutic plasma products much of the world shortage of plasma products could be addressed and many, possibly millions, of lives could be saved. At PrIME Biologics, we value the potential and ability to save lives and to provide safe and affordable plasma based therapeutics. We aim to achieve this through the use of our revolutionary PrIME Technology to process the plasma that is currently underutilised by many emerging countries.


41 Science Park Road
#01-09 The Gemini (Lobby A)
Singapore 117610


Phone: +65 6410 2410



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