Quintiles Italy

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Cassina Plaza, Edificio F, scala 2
Via Roma, 108 , 20060 – Cassina De’ Pecchi

Tel: +39 02 95794 1

Web: http://www.quintiles.com/

Company description

Quintiles started its activities as CRO in Italy in 1994 and now has approximately 70% of its personnel working in Milan. It offers services such as Project Management, Feasibility studies, Clinical consultancy & monitoring, Data Management & Biostatistics amongst others.It has conducted more than 100 clinical research projects (of which around 50% are local) in 1100 centres in total (more than 80% for local projects of which 20% involve phase IV and/or observational-type trials)Quintiles main operational areas in Italy are oncology, cardiovascular, internal medicine, infectious diseases, and Central Nervous System / neurological.

Products and services


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