SAMED – South African Medical Device Industry Association

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: PO Box 651761

Tel: +27 11 777 7500


Company description

SAMED’s mission is to safeguard and promote the interests of our members, to encourage ethical principles and practices, promote innovation and better patient outcomes and ensure effective representation with all relevant authorities whether public or private.

Products and services

Objectives of the association include:

Ensuring that all activities of the company shall have the best interests of its members as the primary objective, provided that such shall not unreasonably diminish from the needs and rights of patients;

Providing a forum for discussion on matters affecting the manufacturers and distributors of medical and surgical products in South Africa;

Promoting and encouraging among members ethical principles and practices, voluntarily agreed upon, and to this end, publish a Code of Business Practice which shall be binding on all members;

Communicate and represent, through an elected committee of members, the industry’s standpoint on relevant matters and offer advice or make recommendations when the need arises to any body or institution whose decisions and policies might affect the industry;

Co-operating with governments and regulatory authorities, whether national or international, as appropriate;

Working towards harmonization of standards and regulatory requirements within the area of medical devices manufacture and supply;

and Promoting a spirit of co-operation and shared responsibility among public and private health care professionals and providers, which shall include the State, as well as other relevant sectors, within the context of effective, efficient and transparent health care delivery.


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