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Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: PKU Biocity No. 39 ShangDiXi Lu, Haidian, Beijing, P.R. China

Tel: 86 10 8289 0924


Company description

SinoBioway Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992 and is one of the three major industry groups of Beijing University. It is mainly engaged in bio-industry development and the establishment of bio-economic systems with a focus on investment in three main areas: bio-medicine, bio-agriculture and bio-services. After more than ten years of dedication, the group has become China’s most influential and modern bio-enterprise.

The group now owns three main facilities: Beijing University Biological City, Beijing University Biological Park at Xiamen and Guangzhou Liuxi Biological Bay. Additionally, the group operates multiple holding subsidiaries such as Beijing Sinovac Biotech Co., Ltd., Xiamen Bioway-PKU Biotech Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Weiming Biotech Co., Ltd., Weiming Nature Unity Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. and Beijing Weiming Kaituo Agricultural Biotech Ltd.

The main products of SinoBioway include an injection of mouse-nerve growth factor (Nobex ®), an inactivated hepatitis A vaccine (Healive ®), a hepatitis B vaccine (Bilive ®), anti-flu vaccines (Anflu ®, Panflu ®, and Panflu.1 ®), as well as hundreds of kinds of Chinese medicinal granules. The group now has established a fairly complete R & D system with centers for: Bio-Pharmaceutical Research, Vaccine Research, National Crop Molecular Design, Bio-Intelligence Research, Bio-Economic Research. It operates various institutions and R & D platforms while employing a group of outstanding research personnel.

Having researched mainly for the bio-economy, biological drugs (generic drugs and peptide drugs), human vaccines, modern Chinese medicine, molecular crop breeding, biomass energy and bio-intelligence technology, the group has achieved a series of major breakthroughs. These include the successful development and production of the world’s first drug treatment of traumatic nerve injury – the “nerve growth factor”, the world’s first “inactivated vaccine targeting SARS virus”, and China’s first “human-use influenza vaccine”. The world’s first influenza A (H1N1) vaccine -Panflu.1 ® was successfully produced on September 3, 2009. The group has initiated the world’s first “bio-economy incubator” (an efficient R & D system of new drugs), established a theoretical system of bio-economy, created an economic bio-restructuring model, and carried out a preliminary study of bio-industry development ideas suitable for China’s national conditions.

SinoBioway has engaged in corporate restructuring and through government guidance has shifted to a market approach. At the moment, the group has formed five industry groups on the basis of existing enterprises which include: vaccines, traditional Chinese medicine, bio-pharmaceuticals, modern agriculture and biological services. Through forming bio-economic systems in the industrial, R & D and financial arena, the group aims to build SinoBioway into a flagship company for the bio-economy era.

Products and services

vaccines, traditional Chinese medicine, bio-pharmaceuticals



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