Self-Medication Manufacturers’ Association of South Africa (SMASA)

Last updated: 29.11.2016


The Self-Medication Manufacturers’ Association of South Africa (SMASA) was formally formed in mid-1999 to ensure this important sector of the healthcare industry has a voice in discussions, which affect the health market place in South Africa.

SMASA consists of various member companies in the pharmaceutical and broader healthcare industry. The member companies elect representatives to an Executive Committee (EXCO), which meets regularly to discuss and take action on matters relevant to the industry.  Kym Hampton is the current Chairperson of SMASA and Nicola Brink is the Executive Director of the Association.

The objectives of the Association are inter-alia to play a role in the promotion and support of legislative matters; to interact with government, other industry associations and statutory councils.

The Association promotes and protects the interests of the Members of the Association, encouraging co-operation between members and dealing with matters that may affect the common interests of members.

SMASA confers with the Government, and its departments, as well as other interested bodies and parties; and collects and disseminates information likely to be of use to members.  Over the years SMASA has been involved in commenting on the Medicines Bill, the draft Benchmarking Regulations, the proposed Logistic Fees and Complementary Medicines and Medical Devices Regulations, Food Regulations, the scheduling of medicines and various guidelines for the registration of medicines, etc.  In addition various meetings have been held with the Regulatory Authority on the ban of Advertising of Schedule 2 medicines, which remains an ongoing project. We are currently working with the WSMI (World Self-medication Industry) Task Group looking at the restrictions on the advertising of OTC medicines globally.  SMASA continue to serve on various industry initiatives and hold two seats on the Industry Task Group (ITG). Other matters close to our heart are the Schedule 0 Exemption and the Consumer Protection Act.

SMASA has embarked on a PR campaign to promote responsible self-care and self-medication. This project each year culminates into International Self-care Day 24/7 on 24 July every year. SMASA is very active in other industry initiatives an example of which is the Codeine Care  project which is a project introduced to mitigate the abuse and misuse of codiene and to accurately screen and control the sale of codeine containing OTC products in South Africa at a pharmacy level.

The Association has a Technical Committee looking at technical matters, including guidelines and policy matters from the Medicines Control Council and legislation.

SMASA is a member of the Marketing Code Authority and serves on the technical committee known as CTAC. SMASA has a seat on the board of the Marketing Code Association.   In addition to the Association’s involvement in the compilation of Part A of the Code and the proposed Guideline for the Authority, we compiled Part B of the Code with the relevant Guidance Document for the Self-Medication Industry. In addition Nicola Brink serves as panelists to the Marketing Code on SMASA’s behalf.

SMASA is a member of the World Self-Medication Industry (WSMI) and benefits greatly from their activities.   WSMI focuses on three core activities – support to emerging markets, and development of the ‘evidence base’ for non-prescription medicines, and collaborating with multi-lateral organizations.

Manufacturers and other organizations engaged in the self-medication manufacturing industry within South Africa are eligible for membership of the Association.  Current members include:

  1. Adcock Ingram Healthcare
  2. Alcon Laboratories
  3. Aspen Pharmacare
  4. Bayer Consumer Healthcare
  5. Boehringer-Ingelheim Consumer Healthcare
  6. GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare
  7. iNova Pharmaceuticals
  8. Johnson & Johnson
  9. Merck Consumer Healthcare
  10. Pfizer Consumer Healthcare
  11. Reckitt Benckiser
  12. Sandoz
  13. Sanofi-Aventis  (Zentiva)
  14. Smith and Nephew
  15. Takeda
  16. Tiger Brands
  17. Vital Health

Provision is made for a category called Associate Members who can be a person or a company involved in the supply chain between the manufacturer and the consumer or end-user of self-medication or industry consultants.

Associate members include:

  1. AzoChem Laboratories
  2. Brunel Laboratories
  3. Clicks Pharmacy
  4. Dis-Chem Pharmacies
  5. Du Pont Nutrition and Health
  6. Impact Rx – IMS Group
  7. Imperial Health Sciences
  8. Innovation Healthcare Solutions
  9. Litha Pharmaceuticals
  10. MC Pharma
  11. MediRite Pharmacy
  12. MRA Regulatory Consultants
  13. Pharmaceutical Quality Partner CC
  14. Wrapsa
  15. X-Procure


Self-Medication Manufacturers Association of South Africa

Postal Address: P O Box 651573, Benmore, 2010

Tel: +27(0) 82 410 5859



Executive Director: Nicola Brink • Chairperson: Kym Hampton


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