UCB Russia

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Shabolovka str. 10Building 2, floor 3RUS – 119048 Moscow,Russia

Tel: +7 495 644 3322

Web: http://www.ucb.com/worldwide/Russia

Company description

UCB started operations in 1994, and after 2 partnering agreements, started local activities in 2005, further building its presence with Schwarz Pharma integration in 2007
UCB has two legal entities based in Moscow
– UCB Russia LLC
– UCB pharma Logistics LLC

Around 200 employees in 2011
UCB has representatives in the top 26 cities of Russia
In-market sales ~EURO 48 M in 2010

New legal entity: UCB Pharma Logistics
– Registred in 2010, Licenses granted, operational start in May. 2011
– Importation of UCB products in Russia and sales to distributors
– Partnership with a Russian distribution company FARMAT

Local manufacturing and packaging with Binnopharm
– Secondary packaging for a selected few products at the beginning
– Primary and secondary packaging planned
– Local manufacturing planned for later
– On-going finalization for this partnership on Local production, marketing and sales.

Products and services

UCB Mature Products Continue to Improve Patients Outcome:

– Keppra :
Acknowledged worldwide as a landmark in the treatment of epilepsy, Keppra® is contributing to the wellbeing of thousands of Russian patients with epilepsy
-Xyzal and Zyrtec:
Bringing relief to patients with allergies, from allergic rhinitis to Chronic urticaria, in children and adults
Leading nitrates in Russia for the treatment of angina pectoris with particularly helpful use in ambulances for Isoket ® spray
Market leading treatment in conjunction to surgery for patients with Advanced Peripheral Obstructive Arterial disease as an alternative to amputation

All UCB Core Products in Russia: 2010-2011
UCB is becoming the Patient-Centric global biopharmaceutical leader
Fast response for predictable outcomes
When monotherapy is no longer enough
Launch in Russia in Sept 2010Already more than 300 severe epileptic patients treated
24h continuous delivery by transdermal patch
Approval in Russia expected in July 2011 for Parkinson Disease
On-going launch following Phase 3 in Russia that has proven Cimzia’s benefit locallyNew treatment opportunity for patients with RA



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