Union of Professional Pharmaceutical Organizations (SPFO)

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Of. 218, bld. 2, 11a, Seleznevskaya str., Moscow 127473,Russia

Tel: (495) 741-65-19

Web: http://www.spfo.ru/

Company description

The Union of Professional Pharmaceutical Organizations (SPFO) was registered in May 2002, to unite the largest Russian and foreign distributors and pharmaceutical manufacturers, which account for more than 50% of the total volume of drugs circulating in the market .

At this point in the SPFO includes 36 organizations : manufacturers, distributors, drugstore chains, public organizations and companies representing the media.

The supreme governing body SPFO a general meeting. Current work SPFO directs the Supervisory Board of 14 members. Chairman of the Supervisory Board is Yakunin, VS (CV Protek). Executive Director of the Union is a seasoned professional pharmaceutical organizations Shirshov GP

SPFO activities organized on the principle of specific programs and projects. Basic principles of decision making in SPFO – collegiality and democracy.

The main objectives of SPFO are:

•promote the development of the pharmaceutical market in Russia;
•opposition to unethical business practices in the pharmaceutical industry;
•assist in balancing the interests of the pharmaceutical market participants, government and consumers;
•development and expansion of the capacity of members SPFO.
•protection of consumer interests in terms of quality and affordability of drugs;
•support structures of the government in addressing the strategic development objectives of pharmaceutical market;
•Members SPFO coordination in joint projects;
•Providing a forum for free communication between members of the pharmaceutical market;
•upholding the rights and legitimate interests of the members SPFO;
•cooperation with the legislative and executive authorities, public, nonprofit and international organizations;
•popularization of progressive experience of SPFO and its members.

Products and services

Currently SPFO the following programs and projects:

•Harmonization of legislation;
•Assistance in establishing a system of drug reimbursement in the Russia;
•Promotion of international quality standards in the pharmaceutical industry (GMP / GXP);
•Assist in improving the system of public procurement of medicines;
•Forming the system of scientific-practical conferences on topical issues of the pharmaceutical industry;
•The program ‘A Place Pharmacy in a single economic space’;
•Organizing and conducting an annual ‘International Forum / Exhibition / Fair on’ Innovative Technologies for Health ‘;
•The organization’s annual charity ball dispensers;
•Edition of the journal ‘Health management’.



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