written on 04.03.2019

Discover the Next Global Healthcare with ‘Medical Korea 2019’!


Discussion on trends and changes of global healthcare Industry and strategies for new-tech based medical services

Exhibition of the excellence and outcomes of Korean healthcare in celebration of the 10th anniversary

  • “Medical Korea 2019” is an occasion where experts will examine the current status of the global healthcare industry and discuss strategies to prepare for the future.
  • Medical Korea 2019, the conference on global healthcare and medical tourism hosted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (Minister Park Neung Hoo) and organized by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI, President Lee Young Chan), will be held for three days from March 14 at Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas.
  • Under the theme of “Global Healthcare 「Discover the Next」,” this event consists of various programs, including 10 conference sessions, business meetings with foreign buyers from 11 countries, seminars on the policies and systems related to medical tourism and overseas expansion of medical institutes, and “Medical Korea Zone” to mark its 10th anniversary.
  • Now in its 10th year, the Medical Korea conference has been held with more than 12,000 attendees from 44 countries (accumulated from 2010-2018), becoming a prominent global healthcare conference that promotes the excellence of Korean medical services and presents new trends to international scholars and experts of the health and medical sector.
  • Professor Laszlo Puczko from Hungary, a leading medical and wellness expert in Europe, will open the conference with a speech on “Discover the Next: Healthcare Market: Industry of Paradigm,” followed by an award ceremony where the South Korean government will recognize organizations and individuals who have contributed to strengthening the competitiveness of Korean healthcare.
  • In addition, government officials from Korea’s major healthcare partner countries, including as Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, China, Turkmenistan, and Mongolia, will join in discussing specific cooperation in areas such as patient transfer, medical personnel training, and advancement of medical systems.
  • About 60 experts from Korea and abroad will give lectures at the conference. In 10 sessions, participants will talk about medical service quality management, medical education, and online marketing, as well as have in-depth discussions on strategies to prepare for change and the future. In particular, six medical associations in the fields of dentistry, thyroid endocrine surgery, orthopedic surgery, and traditional Korean medicine will discuss about academic exchanges, cooperation, and prospects with Mongolia, Eurasian countries, etc.
  • There will also be a seminar explaining government policies and counter strategies for domestic medical institutions that attract foreign patients and export their services as well as a chance to network with buyers from 11 countries.
  • KHIDI President Lee Young Chan expressed, “I hope Medical Korea, with its 10 years of history, will serve as an opportunity to check the current status of Korean medical care and gear up to pioneer the future of Korea as a leading country in global healthcare.”
  • This year’s conference will take place in parallel with “KIMES 2019,” the 35th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show to be held at COEX, where Medical Korea Zone will be open at Hall D until March 17 to exhibit the history and outcomes of the Medical Korea conference and international medical projects.
  • More information about the event can be found on the official website www.medical-korea.org. Admission will be free with pre-registration, which can be done online until March 8.