Interview: Benny Hu – Chairman; Tai-Sen Soong PhD – President & CEO, Senhwa Biosciences, Taiwan

12Founded in 2012, Senhwa Biosciences is mainly engaged in the development and clinical study of small molecule drugs to treat various types of cancer, and its drug development pipelines include CX-5461, a first-in-class drug using G-quadruplex (G4) stabilizer as a mechanism as well as the casein kinase 2 (CK2) inhibitor CX-4945. Senhwa’s chairman Benny Hu and the company’s president and CEO Tai-Sen Soong provide insights into the main specificities of these products and the advancement of their clinical development. In February 2017, an article was accepted for publication in Nature Communications about the innovative mechanism of action by which CX-5461 operates. What sets CX-5461’s mechanism apart from those of existing products?
"The development of novel stabilizers of G4 is an exciting anticancer approach with a potentially broad clinical applicability."
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