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Chih-Yi Weng – Chairlady & CEO, Charsire Biotechnology, Taiwan

21.04.2017 / Pharmaboardroom

Ms Weng, CharsireChih-Yi Weng, chairlady and CEO of Charsire Biotechnology, one of Taiwan’s leading biotech companies focused on the development of botanical new drugs as well as topical and personal care products, provides insights into the company’s unique business model and its promising and maturing R&D pipeline, while Charsire was ranked in 2015 by Deloitte as one of the fastest growing life sciences companies in Asia Pacific.

Could you introduce Charsire Biotechnology to our international readers and document the vision that has been driving its development since the company’s creation, in 2002?

Over the past fifteen years, Charsire Biotechnology has conducted many in depth pharmacological experiments on full-thickness skin wounds and has been investing tremendous efforts in the research and development of botanical new drugs, while our R&D pipeline now holds three very promising new drugs. In this regard, Charsire truly stands as an innovation-driven, new drug development company focused on bringing life-changing products onto the global stage, while we focus on unmet medical needs.



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