Interview: Chuan-Der Huang Ph.D – President & CEO, KriSan Biotech, Taiwan

Untitled (1)Chuan-Der Huang, founder, president, and CEO of KriSan Biotech, a recently established Taiwan-based service provider focused on new drug process and analytical R&D for small molecules and peptides from Pre-clinical (IND) to Phase II clinical trial, provides insights into the company’s unique positioning in Taiwan’s new drug development value chain, as well as KriSan’s overarching mission to operate as a crucial incubation center boosting the R&D efforts of local and international companies. You founded KriSan Biotech in 2015, after having honed your industry expertise for more than 16 years, especially at one of Taiwan’s leading companies, the API manufacturer ScinoPharm, where you were one of the company’s directors. What was the market opportunity that prompted you to set up KriSan Biotech?
"Once we will have consolidated our footprint in Taiwan, we plan to expand our focus to other regional, technically advanced markets, such as Japan, where we could leverage cultural and geographical proximities to rapidly increase our market share."
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