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Denis Shevchenko – Founder, PharmVarta, Ukraine

Denis Shevchenko, founder of the NGO and charitable foundation PharmVarta, provides insights into the main initiatives of this independent, non-profit organization that has freely supplied Ukrainian patients with more than 1.5 million packs over the past 18 months, while he also highlights some critical regulatory updates that could further improve health outcomes in the country.

PharmVarta actually encompasses two different organizations under the same name: first, an NGO that operates as a policy institute, and, second, an independent charitable foundation which freely supplies highly-needed medicines to Ukrainian patients. Why did you decide to set up this organization?

I was working in Spain when tensions between Ukraine and Russia flared, at the beginning of 2014. At first, I thought that this military conflict would only last for a few weeks – but after several months, I decided to come back to my home country and to put my experience to the service of Ukrainian patients. Despite the recent economic recovery that our country has been experiencing over the past twelve months, at least half of Ukraine’s 42 million inhabitants still do not have the financial means to access life-changing pharmaceutical products, while Ukraine unfortunately stands as the only country in Europe without a national health insurance program.



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