Interview: Derek S. Wang – Chairman of the Board, China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Group (CCPG), Taiwan

^D37FE0DDEDBBBBCD860677B84F86457E60FFF07C9FDE3D4733^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrDerek Wang, Chairman of the board of the China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Group (CCPG), one of the leading pharmaceutical groups in Taiwan, provides insights into his strategies to consolidate CCPG’s leadership in Taiwan and China and accelerate the group’s market penetration in strategic countries such as Japan and the US, while CCPG, through its distribution arm CYH, already stands as the commercial partner of choice of international companies eager to sell their products in Taiwan. As an introduction to our international readers, could you explain what sets CCPG apart in the domestic pharma landscape?
"In the mid term, we want to deepen our collaboration with our US and Japan-based commercial partners and get more largely involved in the marketing and sales of our products."
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