The CEO and president of Smart Scale explains how the company delivers clever and innovate information technology services to the pharmaceutical industry, acting as a significant partner for both information technology and health care, and fulfilling their mission; ensuring that everyone has a better quality of life.

Smart Scale is recognised for the quality of its services. What have been the main growth drivers for the company?

We are the number one Mexican company specializing in service, advice and consultancy with global technology tools for the pharmaceutical industry and health sector. We have the best data on doctors, pharmacists and hospitals. This is our core business. We have the right technological tools, with our partner Media Soft. We specialise in CRM, working on customer relation management issues as well as CLM (Closed Loop marketing).

Smart Scale offers clever and innovate information technology services, to the pharmaceutical industry. Always based on international norms which guarantee the quality of our service, acting as strategic partner for our clients, in Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

What have been the main global trends taking place within the healthcare industry in Mexico over the last few years and what role consulting services have?

Previously the multinationals were the leaders for innovative drugs, serving the population, and managing the whole industry. The MNCs, now that there exists another market, accept, that of generics, which is getting stronger given the more affordable pricing. The Mexican government has sought ways to increase the access people have to medicines. It has supported this market that until recently was dominated by small investors, giving it the potential for real growth and taking significant market share from the traditional industry.

The ever changing environment in the pharmaceutical industry demands consulting and information services to accompany the transition going on in the sector. Smart Scale is composed of experts working in the field, providing ad hoc solutions for pharmaceutical industry sales and marketing departments. We deliver effective and accurate solutions allowing companies to develop better decision making processes.

How does Smart Scale decide which clients to partner with?

Under my direction, Smart Scale has brought to Mexico products from Europe, USA and Latin America. Products of high technology and covering 100 percent of requirements for the pharmaceutical industry.

I conduct a rigorous selection when choosing our partners at Smart Scale. I look for international companies recognized for their professional ethics, dynamic and innovative technology. Human factor values with a high level of service. Most importantly, they must be leaders in their regions and in developing products, like Media Soft.

In addition, Smart Scale with SMART DATA business unit has developed, since its inception, the best database of physicians, pharmacies and hospitals. We have become one of the best options in helping our clients improve their sales forces by supporting them with consulting, reporting, and data processing. This has been achieved by taking full advantage of the almost 30 years of leadership experience I have gained in this field.

Your objective back in 2011 was to achieve worldwide recognition as the leaders for the Latin American pharmaceutical market in technology and information services. What are your future objectives?

Our objectives remain the same. We went to keep growing, always being the best at what we do. I want my clients to feel confident that they are working with the number one company in the industry. With all the changes we are witnessing in the pharma industry, one thing I want to remain constant is the growth and quality of our company.

Smart Scale serves clients in Central America, in Ecuador, in Brazil and we will soon have two in Colombia. Expanding our business beyond Mexico is something I want to continue with over the coming years.

We have some international companies as competitors in Mexico that have reverted to dumping in an attempt to push me off the market. It has not worked. Having undersold on their products, they merely do damage to themselves and end up eventually selling the company. By practicing dumping you may attract clients in the short-term, but in the long-term as the quality of your product deteriorates, you only lose out.

Our mission is to become the best global services company of the highest quality for the pharmaceutical industry, knowing and understanding our customer’s needs. We want to be a global market leader, through the quality of our services, continuing to build on our solid foundations, in order to have a better organization, offering greater quality. Smart Scale can be a significant partner for both information technology and quality of service, allowing us to fulfil our mission; ensuring that everyone has a better quality of life.

One of the main success factors in a consultancy is the people. What can you say about the Smart Scale team?

Without people the company would not exist. Our employees are very professional and enthusiastic. We take on young people, with a lot of creativity. We have a department of analysis that are experts in their field. This is a crucial differentiating point. Even if we have numerous competitors, our focus on analyses, is a considerable advantage. Using the knowledge, experience, dedication and passion of the entire Smart Scale’s team and taking advantage of our cutting edge technology has been key to our success.

What role is there for the government in bringing energy to health?

Mexico needs to be able to have more confidence in its government. The authorities need to ensure that the economy continues to grow. We are currently going through a difficult time for entrepreneurs and additional steps are required, such a tax relief measures. The government is doing an important job, helping the population by improving care facilities for patients. But we need a more loyal government working for the good of companies and consequently benefiting all Mexican citizens.


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