Interview: Freddie Höglund – CEO, European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT); Mike Exton – Co-chair, ECCT Pharmaceutical Committee, Managing Director & Country President, Novartis Taiwan

12Freddie Höglund, CEO of the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT), and Mike Exton, Managing Director of Novartis Taiwan and Co-Chair of the Pharmaceutical Committee of the ECCT, document the main issues at stake for the international pharmaceutical companies implanted in Taiwan, while providing us with a broader overview of the main innovation-oriented opportunities currently being discussed with Taiwan’s new government. Taiwan’s new government took position in May 2016 and established the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sectors as one of the key pillars of the country’s new economic model, focused on innovation-driven industries. As the co-chair of the pharmaceutical committee of the ECCT, what are the main priorities on top of your agenda?
"We look at identifying early-phase projects and more advanced products which European companies could co-develop and/or jointly bring onto the international stage."
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