Interview: Gilles Renacco – General Manager, Servier Turkey

Gilles Renacco, the recently appointed general manager of Servier Turkey, provides insights into the successful localization process pioneered by Servier in the country, where 98 percent of the company’s products are nowadays locally manufactured. He also highlights the strategic importance of the country for the Servier Group, his key priorities moving forward, as well as the expectations of multinational companies when evaluating the opportunity to further invest in Turkey. Over the past 13 years, you have honed an extensive international experience in senior executive positions at Servier in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in Latin America. What are some of Turkey’s key specificities that have caught your attention over your first ten months in the country?
"I have been pleasantly surprised by the level of organization of Turkey's health care system, as well as by the size and dynamism of its pharmaceutical market"
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