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Guochuan Emil Tsai MD PhD MAS – Founder & CEO, SyneuRx, Taiwan

1With more than 100 peer-reviewed articles published and more than ten thousand citations, Guochuan Emil Tsai, founder and CEO of SyneuRx and Professor at the department of Psychiatry and Behavioral sciences at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), is an internationally reputed scientist in neurosciences and brain disorders, whose main area of focus is the enhancement of the NMDA system. As CEO of SyneuRx, he provides an overview of the company’s extremely promising R&D pipeline and the seven groundbreaking CNS treatments that will undergo late stage trials in 2017; two of these products having already been granted breakthrough designations by the US FDA.

You were the first scientist to report the therapeutic efficacy of N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors enhancement for a wide variety of CNS disorders; setting the tone for a novel line of neurological treatments. As an introduction to our international readers, could you explain how you ended up founding SyneuRx in 2013?

As a psychiatrist and CEO of a drug development company, my main driver is science and – more precisely – when science truly benefits patients. In academia, the closest you can get to this objective is through translational medicines, which never actually reach the patients. As a result, the only way forward for me was to embark on drug development, prompting me to found SyneuRx in 2013 in order to ensure that patients around the world could fully benefit from the learning and expertise accumulated through 20 years of research.



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