Interview: Jean Delaney – Pharma Leader, Partner, PwC Ireland

Jean Delaney Pharma Leader, Partner, PwC IrelandJean Delaney, pharma leader and partner at PwC Ireland, discusses the evolution she has seen in the pharma market, and more broadly in Ireland, during her extensive career at PwC. She also expands on the exciting opportunities that exist in the country to leverage the pharma and tech markets to help drive medical tech innovations in the future. She sheds light on how PwC will continue to maintain its position as the largest professional services firm in Ireland. Considering the depth of experience that you have had during your time here at PwC, what have you seen as being some of the biggest evolution within the pharma and life sciences sector in Ireland?
"The medtech industry, as a group of people, are at a higher pitch in terms of the degree of change they have to go through."
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