Interview: Jonas Wang, Ph.D. – Chairman & CEO, StemCyte, Taiwan

UntitledJonas Wang Ph.D., Chairman and CEO of StemCyte, a global leader in Regenerative Therapy field including cell processing and transplantation located in the US, Taiwan, and India, provides us with an overview of the impressive phase II results recently received by its breakthrough regenerative therapy for spinal cord injury. While it now looks at leveraging its unique, in-house developed technology platform to target other neurological disorders such as spinal cord injury and chronic stroke, the company also plans to IPO in Taiwan before the end of 2017. Founded in 1997, StemCyte has been growing through a hybrid structure gathering public and private cell banking to become a global leader in cell processing and transplantation. You became COO of the company in 2009 and its CEO in 2011. How would you describe the strategy driving the development of this innovative company?
"Through our hybrid model, we offer our private customers a level of technological expertise and regulatory compliance which is usually only accessible through public cell banking."
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