Interview: Karel Fucikovsky – General Director PFM Latin America, Pierre Fabre, Mexico

untitledKarel Fucikovsky, general director PFM Latin America at Pierre Fabre, on the strategic focus of the company on operational and commercial excellence in Mexico and Latin America, which both stand as strategic areas for the international growth of the group. He also highlights the main growth opportunities and market challenges the company will have to overcome to pursue its ascending trajectory in Mexico, a country that recently became the largest contributor to both the global oncology sales of the group and to the global sales of Fabroven®, the company’s flagship product developed and launched by Mr. Pierre Fabre himself. When we met you in 2014, we truly had the feeling that the Mexican affiliate was on the right tracks to pursue its ascendant trajectory in Mexico, with an optimized operational structure, strong commercial partnerships, and increasing brand recognition. How has the affiliate been doing over the last two years?
Mexico indisputably remains a vitally important country for the company
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