Interview: María Eugenia Méndez – Healthcare & Life Science Leader; Jorge Romero Castañeda – Strategy & Operations Director, Deloitte Mexico

maria-eugenia-mendez-strategy-operations-director-deloittejorge-romero-gyru-deloitteJorge Romero Castañeda and María Eugenia Mendez, Healthcare & Life Science leader and Strategy & Operations Director at Deloitte respectively, share their expertise about the Healthcare & Life Science sector in Mexico and showcase the integral solutions that the firm offers to the industry to help companies gain competitiveness as well as to meet future business trends such as digitalization.   After slowing in 2012-13, Mexico’s pharmaceutical sector is expected to grow in average 5.6% rising from USD 16.4 bn in 2013 to 21.5 bn in 2018. Could you please tell our international readers what steps the industry needs to take to keep performing at this level?
"The pharmaceutical industry in Mexico moved from growing at double digit to single digit pace and for many companies, the private industry has decreased its contribution to growth mainly as a consequence of the drastic increase of generics penetration in the Mexican market"
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