Interview: Martin Peithner – CEO, Austroplant and Dr. Peithner, Austria

Martin Peithner, CEO of Dr. Peithner and Austroplant­­, two leading medical companies focusing on homeopathic and herbal medicines in Austria, discusses the evolution of the companies over the last five years. He documents the decision to increasingly focus on herbal medicine due to the slow growth of homeopathic market in the recent years. Additionally, Mr Peithner describes a relatively favourable environment for the phytotherapeutic field explaining that the exclusive role of Doctors and Pharmacies so far have helped build the credibility of this area of medicine. Lastly, he highlights orthopaedics, pediatrics and neurology are the growth drivers of tomorrow. We met you in 2012, last time you described the scope of your operations, challenges in the phytotherapeutic market, and your relationship to Schwabe. Could you tell our readers how your operations have evolved since then?
"Austria is the third largest phytotherapeutic market in Europe behind Germany and Switzerland in the Schwabe group."
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