Michael Gorenstein, CEO, The Cronos Group, Canada

“If you are trying to be everything to everybody, you end up being nothing to no one”—Michael Gorenstein, CEO of The Cronos Group talks to PharmaBoardroom about his unusual career path, the company’s dual focus on medicinal and recreational cannabis, and how Canada will always remain the core center of IP development for the company.   You just became the first medical cannabis company to be listed on the NASDAQ! This is a huge step for Cronos but also for the industry as a whole. What does it mean for you?
"When you look at the benefits of the plant from a practical standpoint, the harm and cost reduction, the impact you have in terms of tax benefits, how it decreases crime and opioid overdoses—I always ask why it took so long in Canada and why is it still taking so long in other places."
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