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Novyk Anatoliy – President, Ecopharm, Ukraine

Anatoliy Novyk, founder and president of SMC Ecopharm, the only Ukrainian pharmaceutical company to be exclusively focused on its own original drug development, provides insights into Ecopharm’s promising expansion strategy, which should be significantly propelled by the company’s upcoming GMP-certified manufacturing plant. He also provides an in-depth look into their own new drugs made on the basis of the active substance proteflazidum that can be successfully used in the treatment of diseases caused by DNA and RNA viruses.

Could you introduce the company that you founded in 1998 to our international readers as well as the main milestones achieved throughout the years?

In fact, Ecopharm was founded on the basis of a pharmaceutical development that was presented to a group of investors including me and my partners. This pharmaceutical development concerned the active substance extracted from two herbs — tufted hair grass (Deschampsia caespitosa L.) and bush grass (Calamagrostis epigeios L) — that demonstrated good results in specific antiviral action study during a primary laboratory research. For the five years from the Company foundation, we have conducted more than 30 pre-clinical trials, studying the specific antiviral action and toxic properties of this substance, using the following virus strains: influenza, adenovirus, herpes, hepatitis and HIV. We have also studied the action mode of the bioactive substance, and the obtained results turned to be very promising, as it was evidenced by the experiments that this substance had direct active antiviral action on DNA and RNA viruses, as it was an inhibitor of virus specific enzymes synthesis – thymidine kinase, DNA and RNA polymerase and reverse transcriptase.



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