Smart Scale was recently certified and recognized for its international quality standards. What have been the main growth drivers?

Our experience and deep knowledge of the pharmaceutical market has been re-warded by the ISO 9001:2008 certification which we managed to get when the com-pany was established. It shows that we are able to meet and fully understand the needs and requirements of our customers at an international scale.

Smart Scale’s owes its stable growth to quality, which has always been the key value for us, along with dedication and care, in every single service we provide.

We commit ourselves to choose the best and leading business International part-ners, in order to create strategic alliances based on a shared vision of quality and innovation.

What have been the impacts of Seguro Popular and the Mexican healthcare system in shaping the pharmaceutical landscape?

In terms of access to broad health services, Seguro Popular has been an excellent decision towards first and second level services for Mexican households, regardless of employment status, geographic location or ability to pay. Seguro Popular supports Mexican households and families even when they face catastrophic health situations or niche high-cost diseases, helping them to face those unpredictable emergencies even for those who are not covered by IMSS, ISSSTE, PEMEX, SEMAR, or SEDENA. Providing health care for all citizens is key, indeed Seguro Popular is a great step ahead for the future of Mexico.

The pharmaceutical industry has been demonstrating strong flexibility to support the population needs and it actually offers many opportunities for the sector, notably for the pharmaceutical companies partici-pating in government bids for more than 650 drugs and the upcoming sales in-crease in treatments to cover the 49 million Mexicans affiliated with Seguro Popular.(Source CNN México)

With the suppression of local plant requirements for multinational companies, what have been the regulatory impacts and effects of changes since 2008?

The initial goal of eliminating the local plant requirement was to make the drugs supply process more effective and improve the competitiveness of the pharmaceutical industry.

We do not believe that the regulatory changes have had a major impact since very few international laboratories have actually entered the Mexican market without having a manufacturing plant registered and in most cases, they provide unique drugs without any competitors.

The recognition of COFEPRIS by the Pan-American Health Organization will open the door to Mexican exports. What are the current implications for the in-dustry?

The direct impact can only be measured through the sales of Mexican products abroad. But in terms of promotion and awareness, it will have a great effect for companies that are already doing their best on quality, and it will create growth opportunities abroad.

What is your assessment of the consulting market in Mexico and how do you define the right strategy and positioning for Smart Scale?

The fast changing environment in the pharmaceutical industry requires consult-ing and information services to accompany the transition going on in the sector. Smart Scale is composed of experts work-ing in the field, providing ad hoc solutions for pharmaceutical industry sales and marketing departments, such as targeting, database, deployment, rep. Equiv., CRM, benchmarking, etc…We deliver efficient and accurate solutions to help companies achieve a better decision making process.

Smart Scale operates under a diversi-fied product portfolio: Smart Data, Me-dia-Soft, Marketimetric. Could you give us a breakdown of these products as well as how do you achieve synergies between them?

Our objective is to provide external support to companies to cover four major areas in which we can help them being innovative :

First, we have the best database in the Mexican market for the pharmaceutical industry, doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, etc… (Complying with the Data Protection Act). If companies ask themselves, who should we sell or promote to? Where should we sell? Why must our products be sold there? The answer is Smart Data.

Second, we are experts in medical, pharmacy, hospitals, and retail outlets visits, etc. Smart Scale is considered the best option for business strategy and sales force automation as “Media Soft “ is the most advanced, flexible, fast and user friendly tool for the Latin American market. The goal of our CRM ‘Sales Vision’ is to analyze and provide feedback on the effectiveness of our clients’ business strategy.

Our third innovative tool is called Marketimetrics, that provides very precise information for the sales and marketing teams of pharmaceutical laboratories. The data is collected from different sources coming from our clients, and it allows them to get the information directly rather than spending time searching for it themselves.

All our tools give “state of the art” information through high technology, with the permanent goal to help pharmaceutical companies improve their sales and profits.

What is the value proposition of Smart Scale’s services?

With the knowledge, experience, dedication and enthusiasm of the entire Smart Scale’s team and having: Cutting Edge Technology which is dynamic and updated. Validated processes against International Quality Standards in all our areas (ISO 9001:2008) and with a Service Guarantee Policy.

Where is the largest potential for growth in Mexican Pharma?

We would like to see all the national and international stakeholders of this industry become stable in order to ease the com-plexity of the Mexican pharmaceutical market. There should also be a regulatory standardization of all factors that directly or indirectly impact the Mexican pharma-ceutical market, such as prescriptions, generic drugs sales, momentum market, owned brands, branded generics, etc.

Genomic medicine and biotechnology are advancing day by day with a need to grow at the fast pace required by the market. Another area of potential would be the promotion of research and development, as well as the production and marketing of innovative drugs for the Mexican population welfare.

What are the future challenges and opportunities for Smart Scale, and what message do you want to convey to the readers of our review?

We want to achieve a worldwide recognition as the leaders for the Latin American pharmaceutical market in technology and information services.

As a Mexican businesswoman with over 27 years of experience in this wonderful industry, and as a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, my message would be: Smart Scale can be a significant support between information technology and health care science for us to fulfill our mission; to ensure that everyone has a Better Quality of Life.