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Native & Branded Advertising
Global Reach

PharmaBoardroom offers a wide range of digital opportunities to enhance your brand presence, aligned with the company’s strategic executive direction.

Interviews and Articles
Branded Interview/ Article
+ Video format
+ Homepage Banner

465 x 465 px

PharmaBoardroom.com (for one month)

Homepage Banner

465 x 465 px

PharmaBoardroom.com (for two weeks)

JPG, PNG or GIF file

150 dpi

Banner on section

400 x 400 px

HCLS Digital platform – (country)

JPG, PNG or GIF file

150 dpi

Channel Distribution

Adapting your needs to our audience

The Monthly Round up Newsletter is our monthly channel to communicate the highligths in local markets to PharmaBoardroom audience.

Asia Digest

The Asia Digest Newsletter is a UNIQUE monthly channel with the objective to strengthen the communications and linkages between the Asia market and the global market, which has demonstrated a keen interest in the latest healthcare and life sciences developments in Asia

Exclusive Sponsored Newsletter

The Exclusive Sponsored Newsletter provides companies a premium branded space to amplify their message to the PharmaBoardoom Audience

30,000 subscribers
Open rate: 15%
CTR: 1.5%
5,000 subscribers
Open rate: 40%
CTR: 1.5%
30,000 subscribers
Open rate: 15%
CTR: 1.5%
Newsletter Offer
Banner Inside
Article or Interview

(featured in Monthly or Asia Digest)

Sponsored Newsletter

(Company logo + Interview + Data)

Adapting your needs to our audience
Webinar Promotion

The PharmaBoardroom audience is always seeking to enlarge their skillset. If you have a webinar to promote our readers will be highly engaged to join your event.

Segmented List
Open rate: 45%
CTR: 2.5%
· Banner of your choice
· All the information necessary to engage the audience
· Special promotions for our readers
General Guidelines and Requirements

File Requirements
· All units need to be built in PNG, JPG or GIF.
· JPG/PNG (no animation); GIF (animation accepted)

· RGB image and color mode only.
· All ads with a white background require a #000000 border.
· All ads with a #FFEFE6 background or similar require a #000000 border.
· No CMYK or embedded color profiles (i.e. ICC profiles).

· Medium resolution images minimum (150 dpi)

· All fonts embedded

External links
· Yes, when user clicks. Provided and pending approval before uploading to the web.
Redirects are prohibited.


Publisher will not supply a faxed or soft proof for Advertiser-supplied files. Advertiser is solely responsible for preflighting and proofing all advertisements prior to submission to Publisher. If Publisher detects an error before going to press, Publisher will make a reasonable effort to contact Advertiser to give Advertiser an opportunity to correct and resubmit Advertiser’s file before publication.

The Advertiser will have a period of two weeks (14 days) from the signing of the contract to facilitate the file to the Publisher.

File naming
· Keep file names less than 16 characters in length
· Letters, numbers, and underscores are OK
· Avoid special characters like @, !, #, &, etc.


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For media inquiries, please contact: media@pharmaboardroom.com


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