written on 05.07.2018

Almirall seeks new compounds to improve skin health


Adding value to your assets, the new call of AlmirallShare

Almirall seeks new compounds to improve skin health

AlmirallShare new call aims at finding a use for existing advanced small molecules in the treatment of atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, actinic keratosis, acne, and related dermatological diseases

Universities, research entities, biotechs, start-ups, and pharma companies all over the world are encouraged to send their proposals through sharedinnovation.almirall.com

AlmirallShare, the open innovation platform of Almirall, S.A. (ALM) launches today an open call with the aim of finding advanced small molecules that could be used in the therapeutic treatment of atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, actinic keratosis, and related dermatological diseases. The call is addressed to universities, research centers, biotech companies, start-ups, and pharma companies all over the world with an interest in pharmaceutical R&D.

More specifically, this call is looking for Research compounds that have shown good potency and an acceptable pharmacokinetic profile or Development compounds that have shown a good human safety profile.

Submitting a proposal is as easy as going to sharedinnovation.almirall.com and following the steps described at the collaboration process. The call will be open permanently, so applicants can participate at any time. The evaluation period of each proposal will take 4-6 weeks from submission.

Collaboration process

Selected compounds will be tested on key dermatological assays both in vitro and in vivo. “Those compounds that show interesting biological profiles would give us the opportunity for an eventual business partnership. Our aim is to build fruitful collaborations that will lead us to future exciting ventures” said Maribel Crespo, AlmirallShare Leader.

About AlmirallShare

AlmirallShare is an open innovation platform designed to facilitate the establishment of collaborations in dermatological research and find innovative solutions in skin health. By putting together the Science and creativity of experts around the world and Almirall’s own expertise, the AlmirallShare initiative will accelerate the generation of new treatments for skin conditions.

About Almirall

Almirall is a leading skin-health focused global pharmaceutical company that partners with healthcare professionals, applying Science to provide medical solutions to patients & future generations. Our efforts are focused on fighting against skin health diseases and helping people feel and look their best. We support healthcare professionals in its continuous improvement, bringing our innovative solutions where they are needed.

The company, founded 75 years ago and with headquarters in Barcelona, is listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange (ticker: ALM). Almirall has become a key element of value creation to society according to its commitment with its major shareholders and its decision to help others, to understand their challenges and to use Science to provide them with solutions for real life. Total revenues in 2017 were 755.8 million euros. More than 1,830 employees are devoted to Science.

For more information, please visit almirall.com

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