written on 21.02.2017

CPhI İstanbul 2017


CPhI 2017 logo

CPhI İstanbul 2017, the common meeting point of the global pharmaceutical industry giants, will host the leading companies of the sector at İstanbul EXPO Center between March 08th and 10th. The exhibition, which provides the companies aiming to reach the pharmaceutical industry in the regions of the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and Caucasia with the opportunity to hold bilateral meetings, will be the common meeting point of the sector. The exhibition that renders Turkey the centre of the region in the pharmaceutical industry will as well host Bio Conference the first of which will be held this year.

Being a rising value for the pharmaceutical industry and with its strategic position in the centre of the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa, and thanks to its growing economy and substructure, İstanbul offers new opportunities.  Eurasia’s biggest pharmaceutical exhibition CPhI İstanbul, which will gather the pharmaceutical industry in İstanbul EXPO Center this year for the fourth time, will introduce the rising values of Turkey with its necessity oriented segments and seminars.

UBM EMEA Brand Director Mehmet Dükkancı, saying that they have established a platform that is reference for the follow up of the developments in the sector and business improvement, adds as: “Our goal along with CPhI İstanbul was to promote growth and providing that the region and Turkey achieved an important role in the global pharmaceutical industry by bringing together the local and international pharmaceutical manufacturers. Having a review over the point we have achieved today, it makes us quite happy to foresee that Turkey will become the focus of interest for investment within a few years beyond.”

Dükkancı, stating that they have undertaken an important mission for the pharmaceutical industry bringing in a different conference every year in CPhI İstanbul, adds: “In CPhI İstanbul where we gather the industry giants, we will organise Bio Conference this year for the first time. It increases our added value that this conference to happen for the first time in Turkey being held under the roof of this exhibition.”

It will respond all needs with four different categories
Gathering the most important solutions for the industry under one roof, CPhI İstanbul brings together the suppliers and national and international purchasers from four different categories related to the pharmaceutical industry.

Besides CPhI İstanbul will have the suppliers and purchasers associated with pharmaceutics and its contents meet, ICSE İstanbul will provide a close contact between the purchasers and the companies rendering services for the pharmaceutical industry. On the other hand, in the category of InnoPack İstanbul, the participants will monitor the high end innovations and will be able to reach the pharmaceutics distribution systems with the solutions of packaging and similar thereto. In P-MEC İstanbul, which is another category of the exhibition, the newest machinery, equipment and technological products related to the pharmaceutical industry will be demonstrated.

In the exhibition where bilateral meetings will be held between the purchasing committees to come from Uzbekistan and Iran being in the first place, the Middle East and North Africa, the manufacturing capacity of the issues such as the pharmaceutical industry in Turkey, technology and the developments in R&D will be shared with the participants. As for the seminars in which local and international authorities will participate, the latest developments taken place in the industry will be discussed.

CPhI Istanbul 2017 will be organised by UBM EMEA (İstanbul), with the supports of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health Turkish Medicines And Medical Devices Agency (TİTCK) and Small And Medium Business Development And Support Administration KOSGEB, with the official partnership of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Turkey (İEİS), and with the diamond sponsorship of DEVA Holding, golden sponsorship of BD Medical Pharma and silver sponsorship of Koçak Farma.  In addition, Analitik Kimya and MTM have undertaken the other sponsorships.

About UBM EMEA (Istanbul):

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