written on 14.06.2021

Dan*na launches a pilot plant for bioplastic production for the biomedical and technological sector in the Barcelona Science Park

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-Dan*na, a technology-based startup dedicated to the development of advanced biomaterials and bioplastics for the biomedical and technological sector, is expanding its facilities at the Barcelona Science Park with the launch of a pilot plant for the industrial scaling of its products.

-It is the only company in the bioplastics sector recognised with the “Social and Environmental Impact Company” accreditation from the Ship2B Foundation; It also has the recognition of “Innovative SME” from the Ministry of Science and Innovation; and is among the 5 TOP startups in the world that develop sustainable plastics, in a recent report by StartUs Insights.

-Dan*na is a company committed to SDGs and circular economy, upon which its R & D & I business plan is based. It develops its biomaterials and bioplastics from the valuation of organic waste, through the combination of molecular technologies, green chemistry, and artificial intelligence. Currently, its main products are biomaterials for health (regeneration of tissues, bones, cartilage, and nerves, bioengineering and bioprinting) and technological bioplastics for agriculture and microelectronics.

-Founded in 2017 by Xavier Marin – an entrepreneur with more than 20 years’ experience in the management of major technological projects and vice-president of the Advanced Materials Cluster of Catalonia– Dan*na has invested more than €1.3 million strictly from its own and public funds, without resorting to private investors to develop its technology. Now, the start-up has opened its first round of impact investment totalling €2 million to continue expanding its scaling toward an industrial plant and position itself as world leader on circular economy and sustainable development within the framework of the 2030 Agenda.

-According to the European- Bioplastics association, the bioplastic market accounts for only 1% of the 368 million tonnes of plastic produced annually in the world, with a market potential of €360,000 million in Europe alone.



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