written on 18.11.2016

Partnerships and Innovation: Shaping the Future of Healthcare in Asia Pacific


Medical Technology Experts Convene for 2nd Annual Asia Pacific MedTech Forum

 SINGAPORE, 8 November, 2016 – The Asia Pacific MedTech Forum, the leading gathering of medical technology professionals, government leaders, regulatory experts, healthcare practitioners and researchers in Asia Pacific, starts today in Singapore under the theme Creating New Partnerships in Healthcare.

Hosted by the Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association (APACMed), the two-day conference will explore how multi-stakeholder collaboration across the healthcare sector can address challenges in upgrading the region’s regulatory systems, accelerating the pace of medical education, and ensuring patient access to new life-saving and life-changing innovations.

Medical devices and diagnostics allow people to live longer, healthier and more productive lives. “Over the past 30 years, medical advancements have helped extend life expectancies in both developed and developing countries across the globe. These innovations also yield savings across the healthcare system by replacing more expensive procedures, reducing hospital stays and allowing people to return to work more quickly,” said Fredrik Nyberg, Chief Executive Officer, APACMed.

“Beyond innovation, meaningful and inclusive collaboration is key to creating sustainable partnerships. Although great progress has been made in global health over the last three decades, progress is not uniform. According to the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery 2030 Report, an overwhelming five billion people across the world lack access to surgery and anaesthesia care,” Nyberg added.

The Global Surgery 2030 plenary session at the MedTech Forum will focus on the critical role that the medical technology industry can play in addressing this challenge. Global insights and case studies will be presented in concert with a focus on the needs, solutions and ongoing work in Asia Pacific.

“This year’s MedTech Forum is another incredible milestone for APACMed. It continues to mark our commitment as medical technology professionals to come together and address the region’s most pressing healthcare challenges. As an industry of companies, including local SMEs and large multinationals, the MedTech Forum provides an opportunity to look beyond our separate expertise and cultivate strategic partnerships that can improve healthcare systems in Asia Pacific for the lives of our patients,” said Vladimir Makatsaria, Chairman, APACMed.

Other plenary and breakout sessions will address topics around regulatory harmonisation and convergence, digital and mobile health, medical education, universal healthcare and a series of patient testimonials.