written on 12.12.2019

Sweden Pharma Report December 2019


Belying its small size, the Nordic nation of Sweden punches well above its weight in scientific innovation. Nowhere is this Swedish spirit of innovation more keenly felt than in the country’s healthcare and life sciences industry. As the nation that introduced some of the most impactful healthcare inventions of the 20th century, Sweden and its USD 4.8 billion pharma market are at the forefront of a number of key industry trends.


Topics covered in this report include the unique spirit of collaboration that pervades the nation’s healthcare and life sciences industry, how Sweden is aiming to regain its place as one of the world’s leading clinical trials destinations, the ways in which stakeholders across the board are leveraging the treasure trove of data contained in the country’s National Quality Registries, the cutting-edge digital healthcare solutions being implemented in Swedish hospitals, and how multinational firms are increasingly using Sweden as a test-bed market for their latest treatments.


The report also looks at Sweden’s pioneering work in regulatory science, its world-leading cancer care, why the country is seeing a boom in its contract research industry, and how it is fast staking a claim as one of Europe’s premier biotech hotspots.

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