written on 25.06.2021

Switzerland Pharma Report June 2021


Switzerland still manages to hold its own as a focal point for innovation and discovery in global medical science and continues to rank very highly on the radar of both Big Pharma and the international biotech community alike.

As well as Switzerland’s continuing relevance to the European and global pharma industry, pharma is truly at the core of the Swiss economy, generating a full 5.4 percent of the country’s GDP, a number which rises to 9.2 percent when indirect effects are factored in. Moreover, the industry now accounts for a massive 45 percent of Switzerland’s total exports.

This exclusive and wide-ranging new report examines the fundamentals underpinning Switzerland’s continuing value proposition for innovators across the pharma, biotech, and medtech spectrum; the new discoveries emerging from the country and the role that Swiss innovation has had in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic; as well as the access challenges that participants in the Swiss market are facing today.

Also covered are Switzerland’s long road towards digitalisation and better utilisation of data; the country’s increasing focus on translational science; how Swissmedic, Switzerland’s regulatory body, is transforming; and its crucial positioning within global supply chains.

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