written on 20.02.2019

Turkey Pharma Report 2019


Turkey – home to an 80 million-strong population, a substantial pharmaceuticals market and a universal healthcare system that is the envy of its neighbours – stands as one of the most promising healthcare and life science investment destinations in its region.

Topics covered in this report range from the successes of Turkey’s Healthcare Transformation Programme (HTP), which has skyrocketed the level of the country’s healthcare system in little over a decade, the ongoing debate around reimbursement, and a localization policy to which multinational companies are having to adapt.

Other hot-button issues touched upon include Turkey’s standing as the world’s third largest medical tourism market, the domestic companies increasingly looking to export their Turkish-made products, the government’s ambitious proposal to transform the country into a biotech hub by 2020, and the nation’s burgeoning reputation as a clinical trials destination.

Through the exclusive insights of policymakers, the heads of local pharma champions as well as multinational affiliate leaders, a picture emerges of Turkey as a country facing significant challenges – not least in terms of the devaluation of the Turkish lira – but one finally moving towards creating a regulatory and economic environment that is conducive to further growth.

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